How to make: Train Kind Shake

How to make: Train Kind Shake

Train Kind: How to use 

To create your nutrition packed shake, simply add 60g of Train Kind powder to 400ml of plant-based milk or water and shake well. 

It’s that easy to make a delicious shake that’s jam packed with 32g of protein and all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive. 

But, like everything we do at Train Kind, we think with the planet at the forefront of our mind. And therefore we encourage our consumers to create their shake without the need for plastic protein scoops. 

Step 1:

Open your Train Kind Earth Pouch by tearing carefully at the small indents at the top left and right section of the pouch. 

(Thanks for purchasing by the way - you’ve planted a tree and contributed to Plastic Oceans)

Step 2:

Add 4 serving spoons of powder to a shaker. At Train Kind, we don’t sell plastic protein scoops.

Firstly - because plastic is harmful for the planet and secondly - because you don’t need them. We encourage you to use a spoon from your kitchenware to serve your powder. 

4 serving spoons gives you your required 60g of powder. 

Step 3:

Add the 60g of Train Kind powder to a protein shaker and add 400ml of plant-based milk or water and shake well. 

You can purchase our stainless steel shakers for life here


Step 4:

Now you’ve created your shake - make sure to seal your Earth Pouch so that the powder is kept fresh. 

Again, unlike the majority of protein pouches, our Earth Pouches’ don’t have a sealable zipper at the top because they’re plastic free. Therefore, to seal your pouch, use the Train Kind pegs that come with your order to peg your pouch and keep your powder fresh.

Step 5:

Put your pouch away and go and enjoy your nutritious packed shake  :)